365 Days of Love Notes, Week 52

Sunday July 26, 2015


Monday July 27, 2015

Work and Paul Simon on the radio and dinner with Brittany


Tuesday July 28, 2015

Work and some relaxation

Wednesday July 29, 2015

Work, and some research

Thursday July 30, 2015

Work, and a new obsession with a hair cut. What do you think?

Friday July 31, 2015

Work, and some delicious pizza.

Saturday August 1, 2015

The Jersey Shore for the weekend. Lots of sun 🙂

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365 Days of Love Notes, Weeks 50 & 51

Sunday July 12, 2015


Monday July 13, 2015

Received a lovely post card with a flan-stamp and had some snuggles with Ms. Cat.

thumb_IMG_2307_1024 thumb_IMG_2308_1024

Tuesday July 14, 2015

Happy Bastille Day, America! and some delicious peaches and I went to Fr. Jacob’s class.


Wednesday July 15, 2015

Some watercolors and old crosses

thumb_IMG_2315_1024 thumb_IMG_2316_1024 thumb_IMG_2318_1024

Thursday July 16, 2015

My missionary sandals came! And I bought “Go Set a Watchman” and went to Fr. Jacob’s class.

thumb_IMG_2321_1024 thumb_IMG_2322_1024

Friday July 17, 2015


Saturday July 18, 2015

Drove down to Ocean City, New Jersey for a long weekend.

Sunday July 19, 2015


This was in the local parish bulletin. It made me chuckle.

Monday July 20, 2015

Beautiful Ocean City


Tuesday July 21, 2015

Drove back home and then went to Fr. Jacob’s Class

thumb_IMG_2334_1024 thumb_IMG_2335_1024

Wednesday July 22, 2015

Back to work…

Thursday July 23, 2015

Went to Fr. Jacob’s class, which was really, really good.

Friday July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Saturday July 25, 2015

Went to the Mets game!


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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 49

Sunday July 5, 2015


Monday July 6, 2015

Went to work and had a meeting at the Parish

Tuesday July 7, 2015

Work and some relaxation

Wednesday July 8, 2015

A free concert in the park with my Dad, and picked out this quote from Blessed Is She

“I know for certain that Christ called and used the Apostles in spite of their weaknesses and transformed them through their work for Him.”

Thursday July 9, 2015

Some room shopping for CYFM and Adoration with some good people

Friday July 10, 2015

Pizza and some time with Chris

Saturday July 11, 2015

A day at the Beach, Mass, dinner, and an event with some friends

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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 48

Sunday June 28, 2015

Today was the day, I went to an early mass and set out for CYFM in the afternoon. I will go into much more detail later on though. I arrived in the late afternoon and entered into the first part of the retreat.

Monday June 29, 2015

First day of VBS! It was draining, but the little kids made it worth it.


Tuesday June 30, 2015

VBS Day Two: was much better than day one. And we had adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Wednesday July 1, 2015

VBS Day Three: Water day. And it was awesome.


Thursday July 2, 2015

VBS Day Four and Messy Games and Talent Show.

(Pictures to Come)

Friday July 3, 2015

Last day of VBS and the COP Retreat. I may have cried. I didn’t expect to. However, when I found out that the chaplain was my prayer partner, I knew that God wanted me at CYFM.

Saturday July 4, 2015

Four Years of Loveliness with my Best Friend. I couldn’t ask for a better companion to grow in Christ with. (More on that later too…So many blog posts to write!)


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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 47

Sunday June 21, 2015

Father’s Day breakfast and a day at the beach. Later, Mass.

Monday June 22, 2015

Working full time this week, grateful for a job that is so flexible with my hours.

Tuesday June 23, 2015

Work, and I found audio books on Spotify!

Wednesday June 24, 2015

Work, a lovely surprise in the mail, and dinner with a good friend.



Thursday June 25, 2015

Work and dinner with Chris. It has been a whole year since I left for Ireland, and I found these pictures on my phone:



Friday June 26, 2015

Work, and then I went to dinner and saw “Inside Out” with Sandi!

Saturday June 27, 2015

 A lazy day with some productivity.

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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 46

Sunday June 14, 2015


Monday June 15, 2015

Work and some relaxation.

Tuesday June 16, 2015

My day off! Chris and I relaxed and had Pop-Eyes.


Wednesday June 17, 2015

Work, and some doodling.


Thursday June 18, 2015

Work, dinner out, and this mush:


Friday June 19, 2015

Work, and dinner with my good friend Bridget! We had Moes, and walked around Barnes and Noble for a good hour.

Saturday June 20, 2015

In the morning, Chris, Ann Marie, and I went to RVC’s ordination. Then we had lunch at the diner in Lindy.


Later on, Chris and I went to see “Beautiful” on Broadway. It was a really great show!


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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 45

Sunday June 7, 2015

Did the Tour de Brooklyn in the morning. In the early evening, I went to Britt’s farewell Mass as YM. Then we went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday!

thumb_IMG_2188_1024 2

Also, there is a man who does these bike tours with his Corgi, and I finally found a picture on social media! So cute!


Monday June 8, 2015

The peonies started to bloom!


Tuesday June 9, 2015

I slept, a lot on this day. Also, went to confession 🙂

Wednesday June 10, 2015

Work, and started to send Chris these pictures:

I think that he enjoyed them 🙂

Thursday June 11, 2015

Used my bike rack for the first time!


Friday June 12, 2015

Work, visits with Bridget, and then went to a great bookstore with some friends.

Saturday June 13, 2015

Sleep, Panera, and coming home to my floor being gone (it needed to be taken up, we had some water damage)


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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 44

Sunday May 31, 2015


Monday June 1, 2015

Work…and some room organization

Tuesday June 2, 2015

Work, a visit with Bridget (my campus minister), and then a visit with my good friend Rebecca and Ms. Katie.

Wednesday June 3, 2015

Work… And the Tallest Man on Earth concert at the Beacon Theater!


Thursday June 4, 2015

Chicago! (more on that to come)


Friday June 5, 2015



Saturday June 6, 2015

Graduation Parties

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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 43

I can’t believe how far along I am in this challenge! There’s only 9 weeks left!

Sunday May 24, 2015

Sunday I went to Montauk with a few of my friends from High School. We drove out to the lighthouse, walked around town, and visited a local vineyard. It was a good day! Then I went to the 5pm mass at my parish, and had a relaxed night.


Monday May 25, 2015

Memorial Day! I went to a bbq with Chris and his family.


Tuesday May 26, 2015

Went out to Greenport with a few of my friends from High School. We walked around the town, and had lunch at a luncheonette.


Then we had our last Middle School Youth Night of the year!


Wednesday May 27, 2015

Went to work! Later on I went to Apps with my friends from high school to see off our friend, Megan!

Thursday May 28, 2015

Jury Duty… but I was dismissed so it was okay. 🙂

Friday May 29, 2015

Friday we went to OLPH’s Spring Concert and won a raffle! The music was beautiful!


Saturday May 30, 2015

Went to a good friend’s graduation party. Good food, good people.

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365 Days of Love Notes, Week 42

Sunday May 17, 2015

I graduated from College. 🙂

IMG_2069 2

Monday May 18, 2015

I went to work, and enjoyed my first official day of no homework!

Tuesday May 19, 2015

I went to mass, and then up to Capuchin Youth and Family Ministries for an interview and overnight visit. The current volunteers couldn’t have been more welcoming. After my tour of the retreat house grounds, and the Red House, we all had dinner and prayed evening prayer. Later on we watched The Office and they all let me pick their brain about the programs.


Wednesday May 20, 2015

I went to mass with the community, and then went back to the retreat center for my interview. I’ll be writing a separate blog post about my visit, my decision, and the program itself. But, they asked me to join them for the upcoming year!

Thursday May 21, 2015

Went back to work, but also had a lovely dinner with Chris. (with a gift card!)

Friday May 22, 2015

Work, again. There must have been something else, but I can’t remember what it is at the moment!

Saturday May 23, 2015

Went to the Outlets with Chris to get some shirts and such. Then later on, I went with my two friends, Lauren and Megan, to see Lauren’s friend show. Then we hung around and caught up. 🙂

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