Life Lately in Pictures


Winter has finally arrived in the Hudson Valley, and it seems as though it is on its way out already!


We enjoyed our stay at the Esopus retreat center!


One of my professors sent me a copy of her book! I’m excited to dive into it and feel like I’m back in her class!


Visited Chelsea Market for a quick bite to eat and was intrigued by this cup! How crazy is that?!


Ran a retreat in Dorchester, MA and found this beautiful image of JPII and Our Lady. Boston is a fun place for the CCVs to visit and work with the different parishes.


Mount Beacon looked beautiful with just a bit of snow on it. This was a few weeks ago, now it’s almost 50 degrees and sunny!


This isn’t the best picture but I recently noticed this cross in the kitchen at CYFM


The three of us had the opportunity to see the Rachel Ray show in the city. This is us waiting on line.


Lent is upon us.


And the Chapel is still beautiful.

Until next time!

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