On going home and coming back to CYFM

I know for certain that the CCVs needed the short break at Thanksgiving. We all needed that time to sleep and catch up with loved ones. I spent that time making different stops for coffee and visiting my beloved beach. It was pretty hard to come back the Monday after Thanksgiving, but as you’ll see we’ve been pretty busy since then! Here’s a roundup of my time as a CCV since Thanksgiving!

That Monday, we came home to a homemade sauce, a missing painting, and a retreat to run on Tuesday.

The sauce was delicious. We are still trying to crack the mystery of the missing Ghandi quote (if you have any leads please let us know!). And we had an amazing time with St. Raymond’s High School. We marveled at the fog over the mountains, and found that there was a picture of the lady CCVs in the Capuchin Magazine! (aren’t we cute?!)

Paul and I (the english majors of the group) attended a poetry reading with Fr. Bob (one of the friars in Beacon) somewhere in the Hudson Valley. We listened to more experienced poets, drank yummy coffee, and had the chance to read our own poems.


Amanda, Paul and I spent the weekend at our God’s TYM parish. We stopped for pizza and I just couldn’t get over how big the slices of pizza were! We had to take a picture for proof. The three of us are pretty excited to serve the parish of St. Joseph’s for the remainder of the year.


I finished working on the CYFM newsletter, enjoyed a yummy latte at Bank Square, and started Graduate School applications (yikes!).

After serving the community at Sacred Heart High School, we attended the December Young Adult Mass with Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, and Cardinal Dolan. It was amazing. It was great to spend that time in prayer away from our ministry. The following night we had an impromptu trip to Sonic in our one very small community car (RIP Impala). It was delicious.

And in a few weeks we are already ready for another break. We go home for Christmas a week from today. It has been a whirlwind for sure! Look out for my recap on Boston!


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