The First Two Weeks

thumb_IMG_2410_1024 thumb_IMG_2399_1024We’ve worked really hard in the past few weeks. But it has been wonderful. We’ve been enjoying the beauty of the Hudson Valley, and have been learning how to cook. It’s been an adventure. But Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure 😉

Our adventures with Food have been interesting. We’ve been improvising with leftovers a lot. The retreat center lets us take leftovers whenever they have them. But, we’ve made vegetables, banana bread, banana muffins, and chicken parmesan. We also took advantage of 2$ tacos at a local place. They were wonderful.

The little town that we live in is so cute. I LOVE IT. We’re between the Hudson river and the mountains (i’m not sure which ones…it’s either the adirondacks or the catskills). So far, we’ve been to a coffee house, an ice cream place, and a taco place. All are great.

Our community prayer life is really starting to take hold. As a community we’re required to pray evening prayer together 4-5 times a week, and go to mass together at least once a week other than Sunday. We’ve decided to go to mass together whenever the five of us are together. We have an itty-bitty chapel in our house, but we’re also blessed to be in an area where there are many Catholic Churches. So far, we have been to two parishes.

Tomorrow we head up to Interlaken, NY for our staff retreat. Please keep us in prayer as we refresh ourselves so we can better serve the CYFM community.

Love and Prayers,


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