Spread Love wherever you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
-Mother Teresa-


Our day began with iced coffee, a bag of cheerios, and a lovely new St. Therese medal
(he gets me)

But for real, we drove out to one of our favorite places on Long Island. Greenport was bound to be bustling, so we stopped there briefly to take out cash so that we could visit Lavender by the Bay in East Marion. To the eye, it was beautiful, to the nose, it was delightful. Even the little busy bees were content. They were too busy checking out the lavender to pay attention to the people walking by. The little shop was bustling, so we decided to walk through the fields first. We decided to keep our day low key, and this farm ended up being the best way to celebrate.




In the shop we decided to pick up some dried lavender and soap for mom, and had enough left over store credit to get a post card. Then we walked next door to have a late lunch at The Blue Inn. One day I would love to stay there, but having lunch was absolutely wonderful. The food was awesome. To start we had fried brie with cranberry. That was incredible. I love cheese, but this took cheese to a whole new level. For lunch, Chris had cod and I had an open chicken sandwich. Both of our meals were specials of the day, and we weren’t disappointed.

To say that I am grateful for this relationship would be an understatement. A few years back, I read that marriage is learning to love like Christ. While we are not married, this still holds true. This relationship helps me to love like Christ each day. That’s a selfless kind of love. It’s funny, because we basically wrote the same thing in our cards to one another. We essentially wrote that our relationship is strong and beautiful because it is rooted in Christ, and we have grown in Christ, together over these past four years. It’s a beautiful thing.

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