It’s Ordination Season!

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Now, as many of you know, Brittany is an old pro when it comes to Ordination Season. However, over the past few years, I have been away during this joyous time! This year was the first I was actually able to attend our Diocesan Ordination. This year, it was held on June 20, the day before Fathers Day.

We left for the Cathedral around 9:30 in the morning. We arrived an hour before the mass was supposed to start and the Cathedral was bustling! It was so crowded, but it was so good to see so many people in attendance to pray for these men. Also, our Cathedral is being restored. So far they have completed the altar, and it looks incredible! Below are some picture from that day. I think overall my favorite part was when the men prostrated themselves on the floor, closely followed by the priests laying hands on each of the men being ordained.

IMG_2221 (1)

The following photos were taken by a good friend, Ann Marie Wagner


My favorite part of the Mass


Ann Marie receiving her first blessing from the newly ordained Father Andrew, who served at our Parish a couple of summers back.


Chris receiving his first blessing


Last but not least, my first blessing. To be honest with you, it was probably one of the coolest things I’ve experienced. 

Overall, it was a great day. After receiving our blessings, we stopped at our diner for lunch (we stop there after every Catholic Function).  I’m really grateful for the opportunity to attend an ordination. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that as Catholics, it’s really important to witness the sacraments. I think that Chris said it best as we were driving home, there was a visible change in the men who were ordained as they processed out of the Cathedral. True Joy was present in each one of them. I hope that I can continue to attend these events in the future. I guess that really means that I hope more men answer the call to Priesthood. Our Diocese is actually pretty great at getting the word out, below are a few resources:

Biking for Vocations

You may have heard of them last month. DRVC’s Vocation Director along with a few seminarians and priests biked 1400 Miles to pray for vocations with various youth and young adult groups along the East Coast.

Holy Hour for Vocations

Here is the USCCB’s guide for the Holy Hour for Vocations, which is held throughout many dioceses.

Holy Hour DRVC

Not that I’m biased, but our Diocese does Holy Hour for Vocations pretty well. Each month, about 300 youth and young adults gather to pray for vocations, play dodgeball, and peruse various booths set up to support Vocations. Here is the link to their Facebook page if you need some inspiration!

And last but not least, a prayer for priests:

Dear Saint John Vianney, your childhood dream was to be a priest, to win souls for God. You endured years of toil and humiliation to attain the priesthood. You became a priest truly after God’s own heart, outstanding in humulity and poverty, prayer and mortification. Totally devoted to the service of God’s people. The Church has exalted you as model and patron saint of all Parish Priest, trusting that your example and prayers will help them to live up to the high dignity of their vocation to be faithful servants of God’s people, to be perfect imitators of Christ the Savior Who came not to be served but to serve, to give His Life in ransom for many.

Pray that God may give to His Church today many more priests after His own heart. Pray for all the priests under your patronage, that they may be worthy representatives of Christ the Good Shepherd. May they wholeheartedly devote themselves to prayer and penance; be examples of humility and poverty; shining modelss of holiness; tireless and powerful preachers of the Word of God; zealous dispensers of God’s Grace in the sacraments. May their loving devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist and to Mary His Mother be the Twin Fountains of fruitfulness for their ministry. Amen.

Love and Prayers,


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