Day Two of Two in Chicago

Day two I spent roaming around Chicago. My first stop was Holy Name Cathedral:
thumb_IMG_2152_1024 thumb_IMG_2154_1024

I loved how different the stained glass was. Still beautiful, still prayerful, but very modern. 

thumb_IMG_2155_1024 thumb_IMG_2156_1024

The inside of the cathedral was gorgeous. Most of it reminded me of European Cathedrals, but at the same time it was very modern. At first I was a bit turned off, but as I spent my time there, praying, and thinking, I thought about how this cathedral will show generations to come the art that came out of this era, just like the great Cathedrals of Europe have for centuries. 

Then I made my way over to the Art Institute of Chicago. This was the other main thing on my list of things to do.


I went into the museum unsure of what their collection was like. I took a visitors guide and sat for a moment to collect myself. Below are a few of my favorites. I really enjoyed their religious art exhibit. They had Christianity and Buddhism juxtaposed in the exhibit. Later on I focused on American Art, the special exhibition on Ireland, and the impressionism gallery. I’ve always been drawn to impressionism, probably because my elementary art teachers loved it. Both paintings that I feature here are pieces that I studied and parodied in my own art as a young child.

After the Art Institute, I purchased a print of American Gothic (because what better time to do that) and then walked through Millennium Park to The Bean… Apparently no trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to The Bean.

thumb_IMG_2182_1024 thumb_IMG_2183_1024

After meeting up with my Mom, we walked from the hotel over to another Deep Dish place. We decided to have an early dinner because we had to be at O’Hare around 6pm. This place was called Gino’s East. We personally liked Lou’s better, but Gino’s was definitely worth the trip.

My trip to Chicago was short, but eventful. Until Next time, Chicago!



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