The Most Long Island Day Ever (Part Two)

I think that y’all know how much I love the North Fork of Long Island. Over the past year, I’ve been out there about five times. I’ve written about it in The East End, Greenport: my little slice of paradise, Agape, Lavender, and A Day in Greenport.

As I said in my last post, my friends from high school have been home, and we decided to explore LI a little bit. Tuesday, we went to the North Fork and explored Greenport a little bit. Originally we wanted to visit Lavender by the Bay, but sadly it was only open on the weekends in May. (next time though) So, we walked by the water while we waited for this sleepy little town to wake up after a busy Memorial Day Weekend.


As we walked, I found a bunch of great beach glass. So now it actually looks like I have a collection, and not just a couple of pieces. We also made friends with a shiba inu, chow mix, and a beagle mix. My friend Megan is great because she’ll just go up and start talking to people about their dogs, and then we all get to pet them. So, its good. Then we stopped in the local bookstore (you can reach about that here) and went into the White Weathered Barn (one of my faves.)

We wanted to go to Lucharitos for lunch, but due to renovations, they were closed for the day. So, we ended up at a cute little luncheonette where we each had a delicious meal. I had pulled pork, Megan had fried chicken, and Sandi had fish and chips.


I love the East End.


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