The Most Long Island Day Ever (Part One)

Whenever people are home, they want to explore the natural beauty that this very Long Island has to offer. So early Sunday morning, we set out for The End. Montauk, NY is the last town on this Island, and is a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike. We started our day with bagels and iced coffee. We drove all the way to The End, and spent a couple of hours at the lighthouse. We decided not to spend the money and go into the lighthouse (because we’re all new graduates who don’t have jobs) but the state park that surrounds the lighthouse is gorgeous and definitely fulfilled our needs. Also, you can see the lighthouse from almost anywhere in the park. 

After spending some time at the lighthouse, we drove back into town. There we walked around, and eventually ended up at the beach. Being that it was Memorial Day weekend, the place was packed! However, I had to parallel park (but check out that parking job!) We spent some time here and figured out our next step. We passed a few vineyards on the way out to Montauk, so we used our trusty smartphones, and found one that we wanted to visit!

thumb_IMG_2090_1024 thumb_IMG_2091_1024

And so we ended up at Duck Walk Vineyards. It was beautiful! And this place was totally cost-effective for a group of post-grads. To taste five wines, it was only $8. Yea, I know. It was great. So we took our time, tasted some local LI wine, and some purchased gifts. I would love to go back here one day and take advantage of their outdoor seating. They had chips, pretzels, hummus, and cheese for sale inside. I didn’t realize it at first, but you can buy some snacks, a bottle of wine, and sit on the vineyard property while a folk singer plays guitar. My first time at an LI winery was a success.

thumb_IMG_2092_1024 thumb_IMG_2093_1024 thumb_IMG_2094_102410501756_10205765606153443_7598732637627440813_n

So this is only Part One, because a few of us took a ride out to the North Fork on Tuesday. So stay tuned for that post!

Do you have any favorite local road trips? I’d love to hear about it! I’m always looking for cost effective day trips to take! It’s probably one of my favorite things to do!



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