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Our conversation ended with Jewish-Christian relations today, and how the relationship has changed over the past 50 years.

We focused on Catholic-Jewish relations because we were a Catholic and a Jew talking about our relationship. We spoke about Vatican II and the covenant not being broken between God and the Jewish people in the eyes of the Catholic Church. We spoke about how this was a great help in the relationship between Christians and Jews.

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Prior to our conversation, Rabbi Lyle held a mock passover seder with Father Greg and his community at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington. He told me about how he can walk into a church today and not feel fear the way that he would have 50 years ago. I heard a lot about this sedar and how great of a teacher Rabbi Lyle was for the Domus Porta Fidei community. Father Greg spoke with me about how important this event was for our community:

I think it’s important that Catholics have a clear understanding of the rich patrimony given to us by our Jewish brothers and sisters and a thorough understanding of the Eucharist can only come through an understanding of the Passover. Both events are simultaneously historically relevant and transcendent events.

Father Greg perfectly summed up why I decided to do this project. Catholicism is so tied to its Jewish roots. Rabbi Lyle told me about how he could walk into the Church and admire its beauty. He can admire the stained glass, the gold, and the chandeliers.


I really enjoyed learning about this subject. I think that it was very eye opening. I didn’t know much about the Jewish view of the mashiach or the Jewish view of Jesus. I think that I have a much greater understanding of the world around me, especially the world of the Interfaith center.

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