Conversation: The Messianic Age

I feel like my entire conversation with Rabbi Lyle was really interesting. The Messianic Age was yet another topic that interested me from our conversation.

Essentially the mashiach will usher in the Messianic Age. This is basically an age of peace and prosperity. I think this is one of those things that is distinctly Jewish. When Rabbi Lyle and I began to talk, I hadn’t heard of this before. It made perfect sense though. It didn’t take many questions for me to understand this concept within our conversation. This was true especially after I was able to take my own beliefs out of the conversation.

But then I learned more. So, Rabbi Lyle is a reform rabbi. He decided to give me his perspective on this age and on the mashiach. Now, I’m not an expert, but I’m going to try and recount what we spoke about. Basically, within reform judaism, there isn’t necessarily going to be a maschiach. The messianic age will be ushered in my acts of goodness done by ordinary people. I found this really interesting. I had never heard of this concept before.

Now, I haven’t been able to speak to Rabbi Meir yet. But Rabbi Lyle suggested that I get his take on traditional Judaism and the messianic age. Rabbi Lyle did however give me an overview of traditional Judaism’s view of the mashiach and the messianic age. Traditional Judaism prays three times a day for the coming of the maschiach. There is a messianic fervor in todays society (probably because of Christianity,) but overall most Jews probably don’t think about this subject on a daily basis.

We spoke a little bit about messianic groups within Judaism. We didn’t go into any great detail on this subject though.

Next time we’ll talk about Jesus (finally)



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