Interview Numero Uno

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Rabbi Lyle and I had been emailing, so he had my main questions before our meeting.

Yesterday, I was able to sit down with the Reform Rabbi on Campus. Rabbi Lyle and I spoke for about an hour, and I took about three pages of notes.

He came prepared with materials for me to take home. There were two articles from Jewish sites that educate Jews (kind of like Catholic Answers for me) and there was a book written by another Rabbi about the Messiah in Reform Judaism.

One thing that I found particularly interesting from our conversation was the teaching of the Messianic Age rather than a traditional Messiah in Reform Judaism. I’ll be exploring that more so in another blog post.

Tomorrow, I have the privilege to sit down and talk with Rabbi Meir. Rabbi Meir also works with Hillel on campus, and he is a Modern Orthodox Rabbi. I learned so much from Rabbi Lyle, so I’m really excited to sit down Rabbi Meir.

After my conversation with Rabs (Rabbi Meir) I’ll be able to better plan out how I’m going to break up this topic. I feel like I could write a book with the information I have already learned, but I’m excited to get another opinion and to see another way of teaching!



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