365 Days of Love Notes, Week 24

Sunday January 11, 2014


Monday January 12, 2014


Started putting the finishing touches on a few writing samples. Coincidentally, the Blessed Is She prompt was “JOY.” So I decided that my Joy was doing God’s will. Right now, that’s writing (I think). Cue Thomas Merton prayer, now.
Also, Katie decided that her new home was the inside of Chris’s bag.

Tuesday January 13, 2014

Continued to read, and to write. Today’s prompt was “Currently Reading.”

Wednesday January 14, 2014

Spent time with Chris after work. We tried to watch the sunset at the beach but it was too cloudy. Then we had Chipotle! Prompt for the day: In My Purse

Thursday January 15, 2014

My day off. Finalized internship applications and writing samples. Submitted them. And visited a friend.
Prompt: He Is The Way

Friday January 16, 2014

Diocesan Holy Hour for Vocations with some of the best. Prompt: Community

Saturday January 17, 2014

A dress fitting, and Catholic Underground with some silly people.

Prompt: Grateful. I am very grateful for CU each month.

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