Saint of the Year 2015!

How is your New Year going? We’re 3 days in, and its finally time for me to pick a Saint to pray with this year.

Last year I had St. Catherine of Bologna, the patron of Artists. Her intercession was definitely helpful within my decision making for the year. This year, I was given, St. Leonard of Port Maurice. He is named the patron of Parish Missions. I wasn’t too impressed with this. I felt confused. I have felt like maybe, just maybe, I may be moving away from my Parish within the next few years, or at least taking a (big) step back.


It felt like a mixed message, but then I actually read about this man. He was a Franciscan. He was asked to go all around different Parishes to give retreats, and to hear confessions. He was also an ascetic writer. Interesting, because I’ve been really into Thomas Merton lately, and I also happen to LOVE the Franciscans. I’ll be looking more into St. Leonard, and I guess I’ll have to look into his work.

You can find your own Saint to pray with here. I think it’s a lot of fun, and it’s usually a Saint that you wouldn’t be familiar with. So there’s room to learn about our Faith tradition in a new way. Do you pick a Saint to pray with each year?


2 thoughts on “Saint of the Year 2015!

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