I know, I know…

But its that time of year. December is where all of the world’s events collide, especially for a college student. I feel as though this year it’s especially bad. Maybe it’s because I’m a senior. Maybe it’s because I spent all of my money on Christmas presents. Maybe it’s because all of my finals include multiple in-class essays, but I’ve been slacking. To be honest, after I handed in my term paper for Irish Studies, I was done. I don’t think I have written for pleasure since that due date. But that’s okay. Because after Thursday I have a whole month of glory to read and write whatever I want. The book list is already starting… I may have pulled from a few MA programs reading list (U Dallas has a good, concise one).

In other news, I have begun the processes of: applying for summer internships (eeck), looking into possible grad programs (dreams), planning for Cancun in February (my sisters wedding), and adding to a pretty awesome Christmas playlist on Spotify.

Two days until complete Freedom. I will have one more semester of my undergraduate degree completed.



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