Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious

Some thoughts on the Women’s Conference that I attended last saturday!

I've Always Been a Storm

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This past saturday I had the pleasure of attending The Long Island Catholic Women’s Conference. Overall the day could be described as a “spiritual spa day” as the priest said during mass. The whole day was based around Pat Gohn’s book, “Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious.”  Pat would give a keynote on each topic and then someone from the diocese was able to give a personal witness to each topic. I really liked the overall “flow” of the day.

IMG_1429The conference was held at a Parish not far from my house (helpful because I overslept!) We opened the day with mass and then went into the meat and potatoes of the day. As faithful Catholics we learn that we are Blessed and Beautiful and later learn what our Bodacious mission is.

Pat Gohn started with “Blessed” 
Each of us is a result of a thought of God. Benedict XVI
This quote…

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