Oh, The Places You’ll Go… and then some


For the past three months I have been trying to figure out how I am going to get back to Ireland, or really anywhere for that matter. My sister is getting married in February, in Cancun, Mexico. However, for some reason I don’t seem to think of that as a trip (Although I know it’ll be great) I’m also putting money towards a trip to go to Poland in 2016 for World Youth Day (Again, things are brewing) Yet, I am impatient… I would really, really love to go somewhere this summer. I’m graduating college. I’m about to become a real person, but I want to go out with a bang! So.. I have been pinning. and pinning. and pinning. Needless to say, I have a severe case of Wanderlust. And I will be going somewhere this summer. I don’t know where as of yet or for how long (that all depends on my travel buddy), but I have come up with a few options that would make me grin from ear to ear for about six months.

1. Acadia National Park

Maine’s National Park, which may have captured my heart through Pinterest. It’s only an 8-hour drive from my house. Stops along the way could include Portsmouth, NH; Boston, MA; and Portland, ME. Bar Harbor, the little town near the National Park has many cute B&B’s where one could stay. I feel like this could be a really cool little road trip. They have beautiful landscapes, good food, and Moose. Did I mention how beautiful it looks?!

2. San Francisco, California
san fran
This has been on my list for a long, long time. I’ve always wanted to head west and see this beautiful city. One of my Uncle’s lived there for a short time and ever since I learned this, I have wanted to experience it for myself. I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean for myself. Unless this trip was the end of a journey (road trip anyone?) it may have to be include a flight.

3. Asheville, North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway
A five hour drive from Chris’s grandparents, this scenic drive is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains. Asheville is home to coffee houses, brewery’s, and the Biltmore Estate (which has views of the mountains!). I discovered this little (not so little) town last year and have wanted to visit ever since. I’ve never seen mountains quite like the pictures of the Smoky’s. Hopefully, I’ll make it there soon! Like I said, its only 5ish hours from Chris’s grandparent’s house in NC…

4. Yellowstone National Park
I feel like no list of places to go after graduation would be complete without Yellowstone National Park. I first learned of this park in middle school when a family friend went to visit. I feel as though I never really understood its beauty until I was older. Needless to say, it’s been at the top of my list ever since. Road trip ?

5. Glacier National Park
This is a place that I discovered rather recently (thank you internet). I never thought of Montana as a place that I would want to see. I was taken by surprise to see the beauty that it holds. I think it would be cool to take a road trip out there and hit up some of the other northern (western?) states. Idaho has a town named after my family (it may be a coincidence but thats okay).

6. Big Sur, California
big sur
Oh Cali. As I said earlier, I really want to see the Pacific. I’m also a sucker for sunsets, flowers, and surfing (although I am not good at it!) I don’t know that much about Big Sur. However, I feel as though it’s one of those places that has such brilliant pictures that it makes the viewer want to experience it themselves. Flight or Road trip would suffice (as a part of a Cali tour or on its own).

7. Sequoia National Park
There seems to be a pattern here. National Parks and California have made up most of this list! Those big trees look incredible and I want to see them. And take lots of pictures with them. In a perfect world, this park would end a cross-country road trip. Fingers are crossed.

I want to experience my country. I want to really appreciate all of the beauty that America has to offer. I’ve been to Europe (Ireland, France, Spain, Ireland) a few times now (and have a trip coming up next summer–Poland) but I’ve never really seen the United States. God-willing, I will make it to at least one of these places this summer, maybe I’ll be able to see them all πŸ™‚

If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go?

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