Patience and Understanding

What are your gifts? What are particularly good at? Is it something that brings you joy? Does it bring you peace? How about understanding? Can it lead you closer to God? Does it help you to pray? Are you aware that it is indeed a gift from God?

These are questions that I ask myself almost every day. I constantly reassess what my gifts are. I am told that I am compassionate, that I am a gifted writer. And yet, I have trouble believing it. I have no doubt that the compassion comes directly from the big guy. There is no way that I could do that without his grace. But if writing is another gift, why am I so unsure about my abilities? If this is my gift, how am I to use it for His glory? Is this a potential career path or just a hobby? There is no doubt that I enjoy doing it. I wouldn’t be blogging if I didn’t enjoy writing. Yet I still have lots of questions and not a lot of answers.

Writing is a beautiful art form. Reading the works of many authors confirms that. John Paul II had a great love for the arts. So obviously they have great resonance in society. Based on my questions, you may be able to guess that I have trouble calling myself an “artist” but when I step back I can see that in many senses I am. JPII even answers some of my questions in his Letter to Artists.

Every genuine art form in its own way is a path to the inmost reality of man and of the world. It is therefore a wholly valid approach to the realm of faith, which gives human experience its ultimate meaning. That is why the Gospel fullness of truth was bound from the beginning to stir the interest of artists, who by their very nature are alert to every “epiphany” of the inner beauty of things… Humanity in every age, and even today, looks to works of art to shed light upon its path and its destiny.

How am I to use my gifts for His glory? JPII tells us that every genuine art form is a valid approach to faith. I write almost every day for my classes but I also journal often. And if a stranger were to go through my various journals from over the years, he or she would see one phrase come up again and again. “I am most myself when I am worshipping you, Oh Lord.” This prayer comes as a result of writing. I have only ever prayed it while writing. The Holy Spirit has to be in there somewhere…


Currently, I am waiting for an answer that may guide me in a new direction. Prayers for patience and understanding would be greatly appreciated. If this is my gift, it needs to lead to greater faith. I want it to be genuine just how JPII explained.


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