30 Day Modesty Challenge: Final Week… and then some

Day Twenty Two: Sunday
IMG_1212Day Twenty Three: Monday
IMG_1219Day Twenty Four: Tuesday
IMG_1220Day Twenty Five: Wednesday
IMG_1231Day Twenty Six: Thursday
IMG_1233Day Twenty Seven: Friday
IMG_1243Day Twenty Eight: Saturday
IMG_1246Day Twenty Nine: Sunday
IMG_1248Day Thirty: Monday


It’s hard to believe that I decided to take on this challenge over 30 days ago. During this month I found it difficult to constantly remind myself as to why I was doing this. Although I was picking outfits for the purpose of dressing modestly, I found myself becoming self conscious. I was self conscious about the outfits I picked, and how I would be portrayed in them. I think that this is so important as a part of this journey for me. I needed to pray about this more than I was. My attention had been diverted by anxiety about the future. I am human, and I fell to laziness in my prayer life (for reasons not related to the modesty challenge). But of course, I have wonderful people in my life who hold me accountable for my faith.

Although I was self conscious, I am now able to see the beauty and the lessons that have come from this challenge. I need not be concerned with my appearance in a way that causes self consciousness because if I am Joyful and if I am in love with our Lord, I radiate beauty. We all do. You might be able to think of people in your life who are so incredibly kind hearted and so in love with our Lord. Now think about how they appear, they appear joyful. As a friend of mine puts it, they SHINE. And one way to show God our joyfulness is to dress in a way that also glorifies him, a.k.a. modesty. And I believe, that through this challenge, God has begun to show me (step by step) how to see myself as beloved, so that I can genuinely love others.

Isn’t if funny how a simple modesty challenge can be so fruitful? 

I found this wonderful challenge through Chastity Project and it was started by blogger, Daughter of a King

love and prayers,


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