365 Days of Love Notes, Week 1

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. 
Henry David Thoreau

Sunday August 3, 2014
Sunday was spent in North Carolina and I tried real soul food for the first time… We also walked down to the beautiful beach for the first time…

Monday August 4, 2014
Monday I went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy with Chris. I really enjoyed this movie 🙂
guardians of the galaxy

Tuesday August 5, 2014
Tuesday I said a Rosary with Our Lady on the beach 🙂

Wednesday August 6, 2014
On Wednesday we visited Wilmington. There were many love notes on this day. But one in particular was when a Priest showed up out of thin air to unlock the Catholic Church for us. We had been walking around the Church, checking the doors, when an older man came over to us with a set of keys 🙂 He gave us a little tour and let us stay in the Church so we could say a rosary. 

Thursday August 7, 2014
Thursday we were able to spend at the beach, actually doing beachy things. But later that night, Chris’s older sister arrived with her little family. Chris’s nephew, Collin, walked around the house “biting” people with his toy shark. It was one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. He even sounded out the Jaws theme song. He’s two years old. 

Friday August 8, 2014
Friday I felt pretty blessed to be traveling with someone who likes the same music as me, and who I can sit in silence with comfortably. 

Saturday August 9, 2014
Saturday, I was able to relax. I enjoyed some coffee and even painted my nails. 

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Love and prayers,


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