Week Two: 30 Day Modesty Challenge

IMG_1127Day Eight: Sunday– Purple dress, blue cardi and TOMS wedges


IMG_1138Day Nine: Monday– Capris and a White tee

IMG_1142Day Ten: Tuesday– Board Shorts and a white tee with my bathing suit

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetDay Eleven: Wednesday– White dress with a blue cardi

IMG_1171Day Twelve: Thursday– Black tee and a denim skirt

IMG_1182Day Thirteen: Friday– Capris and Red tee from Galway

IMG_1179Day Fourteen: Saturday– Black dress, denim jacket and TOMS Wedges

Week two brought less selfies and more prayer…
for the first time in about a month I said the rosary, which was really nice. I missed meditating on Jesus’s life with Mary. It was my favorite form of prayer for a very long time. It has kind of been replaced with the mass, which is great! The mass is great, but I do love the rosary.  It has also brought prayer about chastity and modesty. Although the temptation has not and will not disappear it has changed in regards to what I decide to wear each day. This challenge has also made me get creative with my outfits so I’m not posting the same outfits every week 😉

I found this wonderful challenge through Chastity Project and it was started by blogger, Daughter of a King

Love and prayers,


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