Week One: 30 Day Modesty Challenge

Week one has been completed! I’ve really been enjoying this challenge put on by Daughter of a King. It’s really made me think about what I’m wearing each day. I feel like it has become a prayer. In a way, it’s like i’ve been consulting our Lord when trying to choose an outfit each day.

Day One:IMG_1081
Sunday Funday! First mass back home: Black dress, Blue Cardigan and sandals.

Day Two:IMG_1085
Monday: Post confession glow… Blue Jeans, Printed tee and flippy flops

Day Three:
Tuesday: Went to visit my sister wearing capris, a white quarter sleeved shirt and flippy flops.

Day Four:
Wednesday: Outdoor concert wearing a maxi skirt and a black tee.

Day Five:
Thursday: Snack shopping wearing capris, a peach quarter length shirt and flippy flops.

Day Six:
Friday: Travel day… Capris and a teal tee.

Day Seven:
Saturday: Mass with Chris’s grandparents in North Carolina… Denim Skirt, black tee and TOMS wedges.

I’m really grateful for this challenge, I feel as though it is exactly what I needed. I had been struggling with my prayer life while I was away last month. The combination of confession and this challenge has been helpful. This constant prayer that has been a result of this project has been amazing.

Love and prayers,


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