North Carolina Here We Come!


Departure time: 4:30am Friday Morning
Departing from: Long Island, NY
Final Destination: Coastal North Carolina

Chris and I are leaving tomorrow morning to go and visit with his Grandparents who live in NC. We’ve had this trip planned for a while now and I’m super excited.

While I still have some packing to do, I finally feel at ease about this trip. I’ve only been home for a week now and I’m just starting to settle back into life here on the Island. But as of yesterday I still had a lot to do. My final paper for my class in Ireland is due tomorrow and Chris and I had to acquire an EZ pass… Driving into the city this morning was fun :p Now we’re all set in that department, which is nice. And I can safely say that my final paper has been turned in, well, emailed that is 🙂

Our drive tomorrow is supposed to be a little more than 10 hours, which means it will be 12… we are talking about I-95 after all. Anyway, we have snacks and music and a lot to look forward to on our drive. We stopped at Fairway after acquiring our EZ pass this morning. We’re fans of dried fruit for long car rides. It’s not messy, it tastes good, and it doesn’t make you feel icky like some junk food can. We bought dried apricots, dried mangos and sesame brittle. Yum! We’ll also have some yummy sammies for lunch. I cannot wait to dig in. 

Here are some things we’re looking forward to in NC:

– The beach.
– Finally being able to go out to dinner for our Anniversary.
– Day trips to Wilmington.
– Nana’s cooking. (Chris) … I’m excited too but this was his input 🙂
– Sunrises on the beach. 
– Pulled Pork. 
– Finishing up my reading list. (Mary)

See you soon, New York! 
Love and prayers,


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