Libraries For The Win.


I went to drop off a book from my class in Ireland at my local library this past friday. I returned my book and was about to walk out when I decided to take a look around the recently renovated second floor. Of course I came across the religion section. I began looking and wasn’t very impressed by the selection. There were a lot of basic books on the major religions in the world. I wandered to the next row where I was pleasantly surprised. I came across numerous books written by Teresa of Avila, George Weigel, Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, and Scott Hahn. And so, I limited myself to three books. I made my way through the stacks and chose three books, two by Scott Hahn and one by Benedict XVI. 

The first book I decided to read was “Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God” by Scott Hahn. I finished it last night and felt a great peace about knowing and loving our Queen Mother. Scott Hahn takes his readers through his own journey of faith; from believing that Catholics worship Mary to understanding the Church’s teachings on Jesus’s mother and why it is a vital part of the faith. 

If you’ve ever had trouble understanding Mary in the life of the Church, I would recommend this book. I’ve never doubted Church teaching on Momma, but I certainly didn’t have a mastery over it either. Hahn takes us through the Bible, and shows how Mary was a part of God’s plan for salvation all along. 


I really enjoyed reading this book. But I think that this passage above was the pivotal point in reading for me:

“Christian history works with precision, for example, in recounting deaths and torments of the martyrs; but history leaves us few and sparse accounts of the love of Christian mothers. Yet can we doubt that, in every generation, mothers have produced as many Christians as martyrs did?”
(Hahn 170). 

These two sentences blew my mind. It really gave me a new perspective on mothers in the faith. 

Love and prayers,


3 thoughts on “Libraries For The Win.

    • I know! It was difficult, but its really just insuring that I’ll go back 😉 I am still in shock that they had such a great religion section, I hope that most libraries have updated collections!

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