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Yesterday we left Galway and made our way through Sligo into Donegal. Obadiah was ready to leave, but I’m not sure about the rest of us. In Sligo we were able to visit W.B. Yeats’s grave. Having taken a class on Yeats last semester, I was floating on air as we entered the church yard. 

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We arrived in Glencolmcille late afternoon and then took a stroll around town. GCC, as we like to call it is an area of Donegal that is basically untouched. The road signs here are not in English and Irish but rather only in Irish. This really connected to one of the plays we read, Translations, by Brian Friel. It was a very interesting play and has played a key role in how we, as students, are experiencing this remote area of Donegal.

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, however it can be hard to take a nice picture from a bumpy cab ride. I stopped in the local church to check for mass times and guess who was there? Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This is the third time I have seen my parish’s image since I have been abroad. Looks like I have someone watching over me 😉


Last but not least, we had a real hostel experience last night. All the guests sat in the kitchen and took turns playing  music and singing. It was a mix of American, Irish, and Spanish guests. This was not something that I was expecting. Although our spanish wasn’t great, and their english wasn’t great, we were able to get by and enjoy eachothers company. They even played piano man for us Long Islanders. 🙂

Love and prayers,


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