The Visual Arts at NUIG and the Fringe

Since our classes don’t take place on fridays, the group decided to attend one of the workshops offered through the fringe festival. Friday afternoon at 2pm Marina Wild offered a drawing workshop. Much like the circus skills workshop our group learned basic skills of the medium. The class was three hours long with a break in the middle. I haven’t taken an art class in about four years, so it was really nice to work with Marina. She had us work on line drawings. We began with the image upside down so that we would stimulate the right side of our brains. It was a fun and slightly challenging exercise.


Above: A selfie with my line drawing.


Above: My classmates working on their drawings in the studio.

As a part of our participation at NUIG we have been volunteering with the festival. This morning (saturday), Kenni, Matthew and I minded the Art Gallery for about three hours. Its funny, because when you are in one place for an extended amount of time you begin to notice new things. Every time I looked around the gallery, I found something new and interesting. 🙂


Our group has really been enjoying the Fringe. Our professor even tweeted about it!


By the way, one of my classmates has also been blogging about our travels! Check out her blog: Travel on Wheels !

Love and prayers,


2 thoughts on “The Visual Arts at NUIG and the Fringe

  1. Hi Mary, thank you so much for blogging about the festival and for your kind words; I am so glad you enjoyed the workshop! You all created beautiful drawings (I love the photo of you with yours!), and you are such a lovely group – I wholeheartedly agree with James (see Patricia’s tweet). Thank you for coming to the events and for all your help. Enjoy the rest of your stay, and I hope to see you before you leave! Marina x

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