And they lived happily ever after– an evening with Rab Fulton

This evening, as a part of the Fringe Festival we saw a celtic storyteller named Rab Fulton. I’ve seen storytellers perform before. I had the pleasure to listen to Mitch Barrett while I was in Kentucky. Our study abroad group took a cab down to Salthill and met at the Cottage Bar, a cool little pub on the edge of the beach town. Rab told four stories all together, two short stories and two long stories within two hours. Rab Fulton’s storytelling ability was superb. The audience was constantly involved and entertained. The stories were descriptive, full of enthusiasm and were a form of expression that was genuine to Rab, sound effects and all. 🙂

It felt as though we had gone back in time to when oral tradition was the norm. Our time in the pub tonight truly felt like a different time period. Rab had helped us to transport to a simpler time, a time without cell phones or netflix. I imagined how early stories would’ve been told in this way, with a storyteller in a public space, entertaining. Rab told the audience to tell everyone that this night was life changing and that you look at life in a different way now. I can honestly say that this is true. Tonight gave me a new perspective on stories, literature, and culture. Galway is truly a center for the arts– there are so many mediums to experience, so many cultures to embrace– it is amazing.

If you are ever in Galway during the summer on a thursday night, you should head down to this pub by the beach to experience the storytelling. It was inexpensive and only a couple of hours out of your day. Taking part in a tradition like this is one that not all get to experience in life, I recommend taking advantage of it while we can 🙂

Love and prayers,


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