Galway at its Best

We have officially been in Galway for 3 days. The Fringe Festival began last night. It was nice to have a few days before the festival to experience Galway on its own. After eating in a few pubs, we were able to experience the food and culture of this city. Last night, we were able to attend our first event in the festival. We saw James Gallagher, a folk singer, perform in an Irish-speaking pub.


It was a bit hard to find, but once we were there, the experience was unlike any other. It didn’t take long for our group to realize that this is a genuine art community that works together to create and contribute to a culture that is so beautiful and unique.


At the end of the concert, our professor introduced us to James, who is in charge of the different events of the fringe. And so, we met with James earlier today to find out how we can volunteer with the festival. As American students this is a really valuable experience. We are able to participate in an international art community, even if it is just ripping tickets at a venue. We were able to watch a run through of a show called “The Seat” which was 35 minutes long and very well done. After the show we met some other artists who we are actually going to see perform this weekend.

Tonight we decided to stay in. We ordered pizza and are ready to watch movies. Up until today it has been 70 degrees fahrenheit and sunny. Now its probably in the mid 50s and a wee bit rainy. However, NUIG has fruit growing all around campus and it is free to pick by the public. There are organically grown strawberries at our fingertips and it is great. They are delish.

Love and prayers,


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