Saturday and Sunday


Happy Sunday! Yesterday our group HIKED to the Cliffs of Moher from Doolin. The view was totally worth it… However, we weren’t expecting the difficulty that was the “walk” to the cliffs. Our legs hurt, but we’re feeling okay. In the past 3 days we have walked over 30 miles. It seems insane. Our hike took most of our Saturday. When we got back to our B&B we prepared for dinner and then went to Fitz’s pub down the road. We had our communal dinner which was really nice. We stayed at the pub until around 11pm listening to the trad music. And of course, when we left Fitz’s the sky was still light. The sun was still setting. I CANNOT get over this part of Ireland. Sunday morning we had one last breakfast at the B&B and walked down to the tea shop. I had my first cup of coffee while abroad. Delicious! We headed back to bring our bags downstairs and Frank, our host, offered to let us feed the cows…

cows and frank

We love Frank, and cows.

Then, we headed to our bus to Galway. Our driver gave us a little tour of the Burren, which is the land between Doolin and Galway. We arrived in Galway where we unpacked in our dorms and explored campus a bit. Then we headed to mass at the Cathedral in Galway City. I was really glad that my classmates came with me. It was really nice to have company, especially in a new city. This mass was the shortest one I have been to yet. The priest’s homily was all about having your faults turn into strengths, just like Sts. Peter and Paul. Communion was different though. The mass was not in Latin, but everyone received the Eucharist as though it was a Latin mass. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. I love receiving the Eucharist while kneeling. The Cathedral was beautiful. The rose windows had amazing stained glass. Then our group had dinner at a local pub and explored the medieval streets of Galway. I’m excited to explore this city more.



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