One Week

One week from today I leave! I am so excited. Between now and then I will pack, print boarding passes and say goodbye to those I love. But until then, I continue to daydream about this trip.

What I am excited about:

The Irish
I have heard nothing but good things about the people that inhabit Ireland. I’m excited to not be in New York, to actually have a conversation with someone. It’s gonna be good.

The Food
I know, right? Isn’t Ireland NOT known for their food? Aren’t they known for their beautiful scenery, brilliant writers, etc etc. Yes, they are. However, I’m excited to have some AWESOME stews and soups while I’m staying in Galway– Especially if its a bit chilly out.

Having the chance to Relax
I feel like I haven’t had a chance to relax in a long time. And this is mainly true. I haven’t had a break between work and school and working while going to school since the beginning of my sophomore year of college. While I’m away I won’t be working. I will only be studying. And to be honest, I’m almost done with my homework for my class. So that means I won’t have any while I’m away πŸ˜‰

Being able to Journal and Write
No explanation needed. I will be in one of the most beautiful places in the world. What better way is there to nurture creativity?


My Prayer life suffering
This is probably one of my biggest fears. Its seems kind of silly when I really think about it. But it is there. I’m afraid that I will be so busy that I will forget about prayer. At times I fear that I will miss mass because I just can’t get there. Again, these are all things that can be avoided…

Being Homesick
This is probably my most realistic fear. I’ve never been away from home for more than a few weeks. And although this is only a month, its longer than I have ever been away. I think that facetiming and being able to imessage via wifi will help alot. Hopefully :p

Feeling Lonely
This is something that ties into the other two fears. There are times when I feel lonely even when I’m surrounded by others. Not being around family can sometimes play into this. Not relying on God can also sometimes play into this.

One week. 7 days to let myself realize how great of an experience this will be and that my fears are somewhat silly.

Love and Prayers,


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